UX MEN Comic for Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Promotional comic book for HPE new suite of Super Powered business apps

Client. Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Production company.BigAnimal
Creative director. Dom del Torto
Illustration. Adam Beer

Barclays ‘LifeSkills’ Problem Solving animated video


Animated video for Barclays LifeSkills, helping young adults get ahead in life.

Client. Barclays
Agency. Dare Digital
Production company. Passion Pictures
Director. Dom del Torto
Producer. Dom Thompson-Talbot

Music Video for ‘Turn’ by Deacon Blue

I’m very excited to have worked with legendary UK band Deacon Blue, to create a music video for the fourth single released from their album The Hipsters.
We created the story of Blue Tony, a small plastercine runaway boy thing looking for happiness and finding it in a puddle in the park.

Client. Deacon Blue
Production Company. Big Animal
Director. Dom del Torto

McVitie’s Quirks TV commercial

I had the unbridled pleasure of bringing to life the drawings of the mighty Paul Davis for this Quirky 30 second biscuit spot for TV and cinema.
When we finished filming, we ate the cast. Mmmmmm.

Client. United Biscuits
Illustration. Paul Davis
Production Company. 7 Minute Rose
Director. Dom del Torto
Agency. Publicis

Mimecast.com Animated Films

Client. mimecast.com
Production Company. BigAnimal
Director. Dom del Torto
Agency. Story Worldwide

Nike & Selfridges Stadium


Displayed during World Cup 2010.
Animation for Selfridges windows showcasing Nike’s new international football shirts made from recycled plastic bottles.

Design. Zoltar
Production Company. BigAnimal
Director. Dom del Torto
Agency. Slice

Coalition of the Willing

I was delighted to be asked to contribute 2 scenes to the amazing Coalition of the Willing animated film,  you can catch it (and our GOOD Oil – GOOD News film) on the big screen at the Soho Shorts Film Festival

Another Night at the Dino Disco

Animated film made with Tate Youth Forum

The Story of GOOD Oil


Director. Dom del Torto
Production company. Tomboy Films
Animation. BigAnimal
Music and sound design: Nick Ryan
Client. GOOD Oil

Diesel SFW XXX – animation

Diesel XXX SFW – 30th Birthday Party Invitation from BigAnimal on Vimeo.

Animated viral ad for Diesel’s 30th Birthday party

Director. Keith Schofield
Production company. The Viral Factory
Animation. BigAnimal
Client. Diesel

Heat Magazine TV Spot

Director. Dom del Torto
Animation.  BigAnimal
Production Company. Tom Boy Films
Agency. Rapier
Client. Heat Magazine

OBAMAN & The Boy Biden – The Onion US Election Special

Obaman – The Onion from BigAnimal on Vimeo.

The Onion viral spot for Comedy Demon

Creative & Animation.  BigAnimal
Client. Comedy Demon

2D John – Barclaycard Film

2D John from BigAnimal on Vimeo.

2D animated film, made from card and paper.

Director. Dom del Torto
Animation. BigAnimal
Production Company. Kog Industries
Agency. WWAV Rapp Collins
Client. Barclaycard

M.W.A – Easy On Da Meat

easy on da meat

Meatballs With Attitude Promo.
Part of Do The Green Thing‘s March 2008 initiative to encourage people to eat less meat.

Meatballs With Attitude from BigAnimal on Vimeo.


Director. Dom del Torto
Animation. BigAnimal
DOP. Daniel Trapp
Production Company. Kog Industries
Client. Do The Green Thing

The Big Ask – Aviation

“Get on a plane the government can’t ignore”


Director. Dom del Torto
Production Company. Kog Industries
Client. Friends of the Earth
Agency. CHI

Observer TV ads

Observer TV Spots from BigAnimal on Vimeo.

Director. Dom del Torto
Agency. Mother
Client. The Observer


Dom del Torto is an illustrator, designer, animator and director based in London and specialising in humorous content.


Hannibal Lecter & Hannibal Smith

Hannibal Lecter & Hannibal Smith from Dom del Torto on Vimeo.

Strawberry Man

Strawberry Man from BigAnimal on Vimeo.

Bradford & Bingley Ad

Bradford & Bingley Commercial from BigAnimal on Vimeo.

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